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Juan Pablo González González Filmmaker

Juan Pablo González González FILMMAKER

Juan Pablo González González FILMMAKER

Durham, N.C. – March 11, 2015 – The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival has announced its “Invited Program” and “NEW DOCS” lineup of new feature and short films. Specific screening times and venues will be announced with the release of the full schedule on March 19.

“We are incredibly proud of the talent on display in our 2015 lineup,” said director of programming Sadie Tillery. ”These new films take us places: remote landscapes, hypnotic fairs, and steep climbs. They probe legal cases, unveil artistic processes, and witness turmoil. They bring history to life and encourage us to think deeply about current events. And altogether, they highlight people, the human experience, and allow us to reflect on the world in which we live. It’s a gift that filmmakers share this work with us, and we can’t wait to share it with our audiences in April.”

One of the nation’s premier documentary film festivals, Full Frame celebrates its 18th annual festival this April. Full Frame is a qualifying event for consideration for the nominations for both the Academy Award® for Best Documentary Short Subject and the Producers Guild of America Awards.

The “NEW DOCS” program includes 49 titles, 35 features and 14 shorts, from across the United States and around the world, selected from over 1,300 submissions, including 12 World Premieres, 13 North American Premieres, and two U.S. Premieres. Nearly all of the films are screening in North Carolina for the first time. “NEW DOCS” films are eligible for the Full Frame Audience Award and are shortlisted for a variety of additional juried prizes. Award winners will be announced at the annual Awards Barbecue on Sunday, April 12.

The “Invited Program” features 21 films screening out of competition, including one World Premiere and one U.S. Premiere. Within this list are the festival’s “Center Frame” screenings, which feature moderated panel discussions following the films and take place in Fletcher Hall at the Carolina Theatre. The “Opening Night Film,” “Center Frame” programs, and special free screenings will be announced in the coming week.

Juan Pablo González González FILMMAKER

Juan Pablo González González FILMMAKER

Miriam and Luis have lived in Texas with Alejandra, their daughter, for almost two decades. After years of hard work they have been able to buy a modest house and save enough money to help Alejandra get through high school and, soon, college. Everything changes when Luis suffers an accident inside his house. Being undocumented, Miriam and Alejandra are forced to deal with this shocking situation without exposing themselves to the authorities and potentially being deported.

Juan Pablo González González FILMMAKER

Juan Pablo González González FILMMAKER


Juan Pablo González González FILMMAKER

Juan Pablo González González FILMMAKER



Bienvenidos a nuestra FANPAGE

Bienvenidos a nuestra FANPAGE

En ICONO nuestras Comunidades Digitales son claves para el posicionamiento de nuestros clientes de PORTADAS o “COVERS”. Todos y cada uno de ellos han logrado ir conquistando posiciones en la web, a partir de la publicación de pequeños reportajes que permiten enlazar a sus propias web´s y redes sociales con nuestros servicios de publicaciones.  En ICONO Los medios pasan de informar a conectar, van más allá de las fronteras entrelazando sus contenidos con una fusión directa sobre sus audiencias. Hoy la evolución se concentra en temas de conectividad, de intercambio de información dinámicos, clicks, links, redes… todo en imágenes, multimedia de gadget y relaciones interpersonales que dejan atrás las reglas y fronteras tal y como se conocen en los últimos 20 siglos.



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